Nov 9: Variety Meats Class

Variety Meats Class
Saturday, November 9, 2013
CrossFire Church
12:00 to 3:00 PM

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Pre-Registration $55
At the door $65

Favorites? “Everything, sweetbreads, heart & watermelon salad”
“I thought it was wonderful. I did NOT expect to eat so well.”
“I loved everything! Thank you for nourishing my body and organs!”

See more photos and reviews by class attendees: Varitey Meats Class – In Review

Why eat organ meats?

  • Nutrient-Dense – large amount of nutrients in a small package.
  • Economical – some of the lowest priced meats available.
  • Versatile – easily go from simple recipes to elaborate and gourmet.
  • Variety – not the same old thing. Try something new for dinner!

This class is specifically designed for the person who is a novice to organ meats. All of the recipes are easy introductions to organs and variety meats.

Volunteers Needed:

We are in need of volunteers for this class. Volunteers will be admitted for 1/2 price. Volunteers need to come one hour early for set up and stay one hour late for clean up. Volunteers have full access to handouts, samples and class time. Limited to first 3 volunteers. Contact us soon (email Lisa: to reserve your space!

Inexpensive vitamin and mineral supplements:

Variety meats and organs contain the richest concentration of vitamins and minerals of any foods. They were considered sacred in many traditional cultures, and common in American recipe books a mere 3 to 4 generations ago. Prized for their nutrient content, they were fed to pregnant women and growing children to ensure a healthy population.

Think that all organ meats taste like liver or that liver has to be tough and strong flavored?

They don’t! We are preparing recipes to tickle your taste-buds. Many are mild and delicious.  And most people overcook liver, bringing out its strong flavor. Come taste recipes that you will be able to serve to family and guests without them knowing they have liver in them.

Squeamish or don’t like organ meats?

All of our instructors have been there. We’ll help you get over your fears of buying and handling these unfamiliar meats.   If you never thought you’d like organs and variety meats, but are curious to taste some delicious recipes. This is the place to broaden your horizons, and take the leap!

Variety Meats Class
Saturday November 9th, 2013
CrossFire Church*
4060 West Amazon Drive
Eugene, OR, 97405
12:00 to 3:00 PM

Register Now!

Bring your appetite and your sense for adventure! You won’t go home hungry and you won’t be disappointed!

* The Eugene Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation is not affiliated with any religious organizations, and is renting this facility solely for the use of our class.

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