September 2010: From the Editor

WAPF Members Published in Local Newspaper

The Register Guard

Local Eugene Chapter member and nutritionist, Linda Prout, recently had a feature article published in The Register Guard (Oregon Life, Aug 30, 2010, page D1).

EAT FAT, BE THIN: Much of what you have been told about losing weight and eating healthfully is just wrong
Eating fat actually may help you get thin. An honest look at the research shows fat is not a villain in the war on obesity, diabetes or other diseases of aging. It’s actually the cure. As a nutritionist, I had a hard time believing this at first. But in my own battle with weight, one of the biggest mistakes I made was to cut out fats. I eliminated all the butter, oil, fatty meats, nuts, cheeses and sauces I could. My metabolism ground to a halt, my blood pressure went up, I grew fat and all I could think about was getting to my next sweet fix. Only by adding back beneficial fats did I find relief… Read more

Linda’s article spurred another local Eugene Chapter member to write a Letter to the Editor. Leonard Ablieter’s letter appeared a few days later (The Register Guard, Sep 3, 2010, Letter’s in the Editor’s Mailbag).

Reject Erroneous Food Dogma
I congratulate the author of the article, Linda Prout, for breaking the mold of government/industry imposed food and diet dogma, and the Register Guard for having the courage to not only print, but feature it prominently. For years I have been preaching to all who would listen about not just the benefit of saturated animal fats but our need for them for good health… Read more

Great work Linda and Leonard! There are currently over a dozen comments on this article online (mostly all supportive), but lets add a few more. Please go to the Register Guard and post some comments of your own!


Congratulations to Yaakov Levine!

Yaakov is the new WAPF Chapter Leader for South Lane County, and has been chosen by the Eugene Chapter for a scholarship to attend the Wise Traditions 2010 Conference! Yaakov will be attending as our representive to the conference, and will hopefully come back with lots of inspiration and information to make the Eugene and South Lane County WAPF Chapters even better!Yaakov Levine is a Nutritional Therapist in Creswell, and has been writing a nutritional column for The Creswell Chronical since 2008. He currently has over 65 WAPF-friendly articles available online.The Creswell Chronical, Nutritionally Speaking:
Read the articles here:

Yaakov Levine, NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
WAPF Chapter Leader
281 W. Oregon Ave.
P O Box 323
Creswell,OR 97426

[Photo: Yaakov Levine, NTP]

Membership Drive

It is time once again for the fall membership drive for The Weston A. Price Foundation. If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one.

By joining WAPF you will:

  1. Receive the quarterly journal Wise Traditions. An information packed publication.
  2. Support The Weston A. Price Foundation, a wonderful organization that is one of the few groups speaking the truth about our need to return to traditional diets.
  3. If you put Yaakov Levine as the name of the person who referred you, you will help him win a free conference registration to the national conference in Pennsylvania this November. Fifteen new members are all that are needed. With the help of local members, I (Lisa) received a free registration in 2007, lets do it again for Yaakov!

Download this membership form (It already has Yaakov’s name on it). Print it out, enclose your payment and mail it to WAPF:

The Weston A. Price Foundation
PMB #106-380 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016
FAX: 202-363-4396

Once you have sent in your membership, please let us know so that we may track how many new memberships have gone in (email: ). If you joined WAPF this year and did not put anyone’s name down, please let us know. We may still be able to count your membership.

If anyone has been waiting to become a member,
now is the time!

Memberships are $40 (or $25 for students and seniors). Membership forms are also available at our local events and on the WAPF website. Although renewals are wonderful, only new memberships received at the WAP Foundation office by October 31, 2010 will qualify for the free registration contest. The Eugene Chapter has no membership dues, and you may join at any time.

Potluck Hosts Needed!

We will not have a potluck in September. We need more volunteer hosts!

  • October 11 – host needed
  • November 8 – host needed
  • December 13 – host needed (does anyone want to meet in December? Sometimes we take the month off)

Or suggest an alternate date. We can be flexible.

We have received the suggestion of meeting in a park when potluck hosts are not available, and although I like this idea I decided to forgo the September potluck for two reasons:

  1. We cannot count on the weather in September to be nice enough for an outside potluck
  2. Holding potlucks has to be something that members of the Eugene Chapter want to do, and are willing to spend their time to make it happen. If there are not enough people willing to volunteer their homes for potlucks, then it is obviously not something that is important to local people.

I hope volunteers for potlucks in upcoming months will come forward.

~ Lisa

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